He was so
knowledgable in loving
but had
no clue how to love.
Our nightmares
are so different
it’s amazing we ever
shared a bed.

Michelle K., Loving.

"I have lived in my body for years and still need  maps and lights  to find my way to how I feel.” - Michelle K.

Don’t even care about the typo I love this so much

Today, we remember.


Quote on my wall by michellekpoems. I read this everyday

This is so very cute

I am not
a puzzle piece
created to complete
I am
the finished product.
I am my own
piece of art.
I am
the fucking gallery.

Michelle K., What I Am, Not.

Seasons change
as hell freezes over.
Sticky sweet living rooms
are emptied.
At least I no longer
pray in the bottom of swimming pools.
At least I no longer
toy with the idea
of racing trains on the track.
The year is melting away,
and I keep
moving forward.

Michelle K., Moving Forward.

It’s truly amazing to meet people that aren’t obsessed with bodies—the presence of a body, the weight of a body, the duty and form of a body. I often forget that not everyone has grown up meticulously judging the physical space they occupy; that you really can be more than what you see in the mirror. I treasure these moments so wholeheartedly.

There is dirt
under my fingernails
and tread marks
across my heart,
if I could be saved
by anyone but myself
it would be you.
It is always you
with your unassuming
My lungs collapse
at the thought
of you.
My skin sings
at the possibility
of being touched by you.

Michelle K., You and Your You-ness.

Your poems feel like home. Whenever I read them I feel less empty and alone. I'm grateful for your existence. Xx


I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU and everyone who is kind and thoughtful. I am so spoiled with great followers

But seriously “your poems feel like home” is the best compliment kiss me

How do you survive?

You just do.
There is no other choice,
no other viable options.

You throw yourself into it,
head first
and make a mess along the way.
Gain a few too many scars,
break some things,
mend others.

you find yourself with
a couple of friends
and a few precious tools.

You just have to.
You will.

Michelle K., How Do You Recover? pt. 7