To be neither
starved nor excessive,
a balance
mortals could only
dream of;
perfectly perched
upon the thin line.

Michelle K., Goals for 2014.

Do not be the first
to break her heart.
Treat her mother
the way you would want her
to be treated.
She will learn to
kiss the seeds you sow
and reach
for the stars you burn.
Keep yourself gentle,
do not teach her to search for
broken men with calloused hands.
You will be her first love.
Do not be the first
to break her heart.

Michelle K., Fathers.

truly at peace
with themselves
are far
too rare.

Michelle K., Loving Yourself.

I have seen you
as your skin matched the floor
of that shabby apartment
that smelled like
cough syrup and sex.
Hitting walls
is romanticized,
big-eyed babes convinced
they can save you from yourself.
There is nothing beautiful
about making home
at rock bottom.

Michelle K., Romantic?

Wait but why can't people share them verbally? I don't get it.

There are a couple reasons:

a) None of my poems (except perhaps two) were ever intended to be read. This blog is my diary, and hearing it feels weird to me.

b) Due to a), I haven’t done a spoken piece of any of my poems, so I definitely wouldn’t appreciate anyone doing it before I did, ya know?

c) They’re mine. Naturally, I’m possessive of my own deep dark thoughts. I just hate the idea of someone else speaking my words. They may relate and really adore a piece, but they didn’t write it. It’s like a little piece of me, and I don’t like the feeling of someone reciting it.

((Again, publicly answering so I can further explain!))

How may your work be shared?

In written form (i.e. not verbally or in spoken word form) and for non-commercial purposes. So for personal reasons, art that you are not selling, or I’ve even had a few people use it in essays or for projects (with the proper citation, of course).

((I’m answering this publicly since using my work illegally seems to be in fine form tonight))

I just have such love for so many of you.

Some people just have no respect for others’ art (most likely due to lack of maturity) and I can’t change that.

I just appreciate that 99% of you understand that this is my diary and it takes a lot to share it.

I did cite you though.

… but it specifically says that none of my work is to be used verbally. What you did and how you sent that message was completely disrespectful.

I used your poem "my poor mother begged for a sheep, but raised a wolf" today in my speech. Mwahahaaha, you couldn't stop me.



Congrats on being a shitty person.

Idk the situation but people are freaking out in comments I see and the person posting it didnt say whether or not the poem was cited or not sooo….

It specifically says in my ~FAQ~ that none of my poems are allowed to be used for verbal purposes soooo yeah… 

(Do not get mad at halfpackofsmokes for trying to diffuse the argument. People who are slow to judge are some of the best people.)

I used your poem "my poor mother begged for a sheep, but raised a wolf" today in my speech. Mwahahaaha, you couldn't stop me.

Congrats on being a shitty person.